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    Would Unity be a good engine to start with?

    Im looking for a game engine to make a first person Adventure game kinda like Amnesia. I don't have much experience in coding. Is this engine easy to use? Learn? or if its for a beginner if it not for a beginner what would you recommend?

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    Unity is an extremely is engine to get to grips with, the interface is a lot easier to learn than those such as UDK and others. Unity also provides a wide range of scripting languages such as Boo, C# and JavaScript making it easier for everyone to learn. A lot of newcomers thing Unity does all the work for them but you will have to make all the models, texture and animate them.

    I would definitely recommend that you do use Unity as in my opinion it is the best game engine to get started with. Good Luck!
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    I would say Unity is a great engine to use for beginners and experts alike and that game is AMAZING!! lol

    There are a bunch or tutorials on how to use it over in the teaching section of the forum...

    You should have a field day over there looking through all the available learning resources =]
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    Thanks guys for the info! Another question is there any books that i could also read?

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    "Easy" is really subjective, what is extremely easy for me might be extremely hard for you and vice-versa. Also depends on your expectations, some people expect a seven headed hydra, others expect a "Make awesome game!!!!" button.
    "Not much experience coding" is also a bit subjective, I've seen people who do not understand the most basic of basics (if's; for/while loops; variable types and declaration; etc.) say that; but I've also seen people with solid "theoretic" knowledge of programming say that, they really just lacked hands-on experience.
    Both C# and JS (JavaScript/UnityScript) are easy to learn (no idea about Boo), C# might be a bit harder, but it can also be an useful programming language outside of Unity, so it might "balance" the difficulty by having extra benefits.
    Importing assets is pretty much "drag and drop" (3D assets can be a nightmare or a pleasant dream, depends mostly on the 3D suite you're using; for images most usual formats work; for sound not sure but it should at least support WAV, MP3 and OGG), so overall it's easy.

    In the end, as with any other thing, how easy it is depends a lot on your will and capacity to learn.
    For me it's been easy to learn, some things took a while to fully understand, but reasonably easy, considering it is a 3D game engine.

    Does my post answer your questions? Of course not. That's my point, you can only find out how easy it is if you try.

    On a humorous note, a guy with a Manny Calavera (Grim Fandango) avatar talking about making a game of the same style as Amnesia...interesting tastes, to say the least
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    It's probably the best way to start programming vs any other development environment, providing you do want to program. It is for programming, and does a lot of the work visually in the editor too. But you do need to code.
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    Yeah, your post definitely makes sense.

    In the end, as with any other thing, how easy it is depends a lot on your will and capacity to learn.
    so true!

    The only experience ive had with coding is Java. Took a year of it in HS and made a Mod in Minecraft that does Random item drops.

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    If you want to make similar game to Amnesia Unity should be perfect fit.

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    Why does everyone ask this?

    They think that they will not get biased answers on a specific game engine forum..

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    Partially yes you are right. There are a lot coloured answers on engine forums, however those are usually stronger when it comes to engine comparision. However i still dont understand why people dont take some research on site like devmaster, which is top notch engine site with user reviews, but the truth is that reviews are colored there too. So for someone without too much knowledge or experiance with engine is really hard to judge which review is "healthy" and on bottom part it is still better to ask and get some various explanations from users.
    The real problem is that most of questions like above is too shallow, so everyone can just answer : Yes afcourse! Questions should be more technical and deep: Can i use this features to do that? Can i use that many stuff to do that?

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