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    MonoDevelop secret tips :


    I just found a neat built-in feature inside MonoDevelop :

    Whenever you put the word "TODO" (case sensitive) in a comment, it highlights the word in a flashy color so that you can see it instantly when browsing your code.

    Can be very helpful to find an old Todo thing !

    Considering it's kind of cool, and totally unnecessary from MonoDevelop devs to implement that, I guess there are other built-in tricks like that.

    Do you know some ?

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    You know it also pops up in a list inside TaskList pad (View -> Pads -> TaskList)

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    Brilliant ! Thanks

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    Rome / Niš
    Ehe, probably by now you will have got them, but just in case:
    - FIXME is the same as TODO, but is highlighted in red.
    - In MonoDevelop "Tools > Options > Task List" you can add more tokens (special words) and set their importance.

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    Didn't know the FIXME one, thanks

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    I spent an afternoon trying to get to know MonoDevelop better, and I wrote up a list of tips I found.

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    Winterthur, Switzerland
    Thanks for that list, very helpfull
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    Wow. I always write Todo´s in my scripts and wished that something like that exists XD
    I use C# in Visual Studio but it works there too!

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    Brampton, Ontario
    The two uncommon commands that I use a LOT are:

    "Navigate to" - just start typing the name of ANY class or method name or variable name in your project, and it'll take you right there. Super handy, I use this constantly. Bind it to a shortcut that's easy for you to do with one hand (CTRL+Shift+R for me).

    "Dynamic Abbrev" - bound to Ctrl+/ for me. Type the first character or two of ANYTHING you could possibly want to write (ex. variable names, method names), it will fill in the rest, if it doesn't choose the right one, keep hitting the shortcut until it does. It goes in historical order of the most recent things you typed. It's like autocompletion but super fast because it's not doing any complex calculations, it's just looking through things that have been typed in the past (or something like that). Seriously this will save you from typing TONS of stuff, I use this more than any other shortcut.

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    TN, USA / Birmingham, United Kingdom
    I like to do a lot of scripting in UnityScript but find that monodevelop sometimes isn't as intuitive when comparing to use in C#, NotePad ++ is actually pretty good for it though...
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    Auckland, New Zealand
    Hey guys! I know this thread is kind of old now but I love the idea of sharing Tips and Tricks! Props to Philipp_S for writing up a blog post, I hope to do the same!

    Here's one of my favorites:

    Type 'for' and then push tab twice, and it'll make a for loop for you! Push tab to edit some of the fields if need be (it will try to auto-fill things as best as it can). Push Enter to set the cursor inside the loop so you can start typing your implementation. This works for 'foreach' as well. Very handy for quick coding.

    Anybody know what this is called and how we can customise them? Cause I find it fascinating

    Cheers all


    They're called Code Templates. You can find them in MonoDevelop > Preferences ( CMD + , )

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    There are heaps! Using them could be a huge performance booster.
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