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    How do I upload Unity Game?

    Im having trouble doing something in my game and it would be hard to explain so Im trying to upload the game so I can get some help but I dont know how I can upload it. I built the game for Unity web player and it gave me 2 files, a HTML file and a Unity 3D file, Where can upload these and make it work?

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    Anywhere that has something like ftp or file upload. You could look at trying someting like http://www.kongregate.com/unity-games too. All you do elsewise is drop the 2 files onto your host via ftp or file upload

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    you can also use dropbox which is free
    upload the .html , .weplayer in the public folder and copy the public link

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    dropbox is great to upload unity webplayers and other kind of media like images and videos, you make public a file and people can access it like any other page.. its free and you get 2GB

    click this link to get extra 250 mb of space

    you can make basic websites in it if you link directly each file and make use of some redirect or url shorterner, or even a domain
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