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2D Sky [Released] - A Dynamic Procedure Sky System for 2D and 2.5D Games

The fog layers can be parented or not depending on your application. As you found out, sometimes it just doesn't make sense to have them parented. Never needed them unparented myself so never thought...

05:01 PM
WIP Small Works Art Thread

Some more test shots from my current project.

05:04 PM
WIP Small Works Art Thread

Was working on the custom inspector for the generator when I came up with this skybox. Not exactly what one might need for a space scene but I thought it was kind of cool. You can play the...

07:44 PM
WIP Small Works Art Thread

Look mom no seams. :) Put up a web demo in case anyone is interested in seeing the skybox in all its glory.

Play the Demo


06:56 PM
WIP Small Works Art Thread

Top notch work around here as usual. Really liking how Spongebob is coming along.

Here's my latest experiment, procedural space skybox generation directly in Unity.
It might be a little...

04:03 PM
Casino Game - SPIN EFFECT

Sorry, I'm not about to give away work for free. I did however throw together an image that might help illustrate the concept a little better.


As zombeigorilla pointed out the texture can...

08:05 AM
Casino Game - SPIN EFFECT

What I did for my slot machine project was to use a custom shader that used uv offsetting to simulate the reel spinning. The shader used two texture strips that contained all the symbols in a single...

02:34 PM
2D Sky [Released] - A Dynamic Procedure Sky System for 2D and 2.5D Games

The reason for that is the simple day / night cycle uses DateTime.Now to calculate elapsed times instead of relying on Time.time. Simply replacing the former for the later should allow the day /...

07:37 PM
WIP Small Works Art Thread

Yup, saw his series over on polycount and it was the main ispiration for the terrain on this project. Only major differences is the use low poly meshes instead of using the engine's built in terrain...

03:31 PM
WIP Small Works Art Thread

Thanks, I'm having a lot of fun with this project.

Yes this is my own custom shader and yes it is a world machine terrain. Well partially at least. Parts of it are done in Mudbox, Photoshop, and...

03:12 PM
WIP Small Works Art Thread

Added splat mapping with up to 4 detail maps plus a cliff texture. The detail and cliff maps fade out at a configurable distance and falloff from the camera to reveal the underlying diffuse texture...

02:56 PM
WIP Small Works Art Thread

Been working on some terrain tests today for an action rpg concept so I thought I'd slip in one last post before the end of the year. This shot is of a single 1 sq km terrain tile that is ~30k...

08:59 PM
Unity License has expired when I never purchesed one

This is typical. Basically Unity is just dropping down to the free version. You can Re-activate the license to get the 30 day trial of the Pro version if you haven't already used it.

07:49 PM
Custom Editor - How to preserve state of GUI Elements like foldouts?

Two methods come to mind.

First if you want quick and dirty with the custom inspector state being the same for all materials you could use EditorPrefs.

But if you want a solution that has...

06:14 PM
WIP Small Works Art Thread

Haven't settled on a firm price yet so don't quote me on it but I am thinking around $75 for the shaders, material library, and the interactive editor.

04:35 PM
WIP Small Works Art Thread

Been working on a custom shader system for the last couple months and it's almost ready to go live, so I wanted to see what you guys thought.


And a turntable of the same.


05:33 PM
Can I dynamically set public class type C#?

You could implement interfaces and then use abstract classes where generic functionality is required and derived classes for specific functionally.

For example:

/* Warning: The following...

04:52 PM
Steep Parallax Mapping

Pretty sure that out is a reserved word in cg. Have you try just using a different variable name instead. It shouldn't be an issue since you cased the spelling of "OUT" differently but it is...

09:00 AM
WIP Small Works Art Thread

Here's a new character concept that I started this afternoon using Silo. Tomorrow I'll start detailing and polishing with ZBrush before building the low poly version. I'm trying to nail down a...

07:21 PM
2D Sky [Released] - A Dynamic Procedure Sky System for 2D and 2.5D Games

Just got confirmation that the new update with multiple fog planes has just gone live.

12:30 PM
2D Sky [Released] - A Dynamic Procedure Sky System for 2D and 2.5D Games

Yes it was submitted the beginning last week and expect that it will be released any day now as long as nothing goes wrong in the review process.

The recommended way to achieve this is by either...

09:01 AM
2D Sky [Released] - A Dynamic Procedure Sky System for 2D and 2.5D Games

Finally got a chance to get back to work on this project after being out of town for awhile. Thanks for your patience while I was away.

So what's new?

First up is the way the gizmos for the...

11:25 AM
2D Sky [Released] - A Dynamic Procedure Sky System for 2D and 2.5D Games

Currently out of town on vacation with the family. I'll be working on it when I get home next week and will hopefully have a new update submitted for review by the end of next week.

07:34 AM
2D Sky [Released] - A Dynamic Procedure Sky System for 2D and 2.5D Games

In the next update I'll look at having the highlight box adjust with scale.

08:16 AM
After playing minecraft...

Using standard int32 that gives me 4,294,967,295 regions across when you factor in both the positive and negative sides of the axis. Since each region is 512 blocks across that means the world is...

03:55 AM
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