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Benchy Profiler - A simple benchmarking and profiling tool for Unity Free!

Can Benchy profile code running in separate threads? Unity's profiler doesn't offer any way to do this, which is leaving me blind as I move more and more work off to separate cores, so if Benchy can...

04:02 AM
Multi Audio - Split Screen Audio Plugin [Beta]

Hey CaoMengde777!

Given the recent surge of interest in this plugin I'll be working on the beta next week. Send me a private message with your contact info, and you're in the beta. :)


12:44 AM
NoesisGUI : XAML-based User Interface [RELEASED]

I'm only just getting started using this, but so far NoesisGUI is hitting all the right notes. Thanks!

I did get the idea that you could hide some of the boilerplate when extending components, so...

05:44 AM
Coherent UI - HTML5-based User Interface middleware

+1 Request for Linux support. I'd love to work with Coherent UI, but I've committed to support Linux for all my games. :)

06:15 AM
UnityCollider - A flexible, general purpose audio engine

That's a really nice start, wonderful work!

Any change of making this an open source project? I'd love to contribute.

I have about a books worth of notes on creating game audio tools and...

02:25 AM
Ultimate Rope Editor - New powerful rope physics for Unity3D [RELEASED]

Heya, just dropping by to say I purchased this asset today.

I'll be trying to use it in our 7DRL game The Aurora Wager, which features simulated balloon flight and grappling hooks. I developed a...

09:04 AM
Multi Audio - Split Screen Audio Plugin [Beta]

Hey wkaj,

That's good to hear! Again I'm very curious to hear anything about the roadmap; whether features will make it into 4.0, 4.5 or 5.0, but I understand if you can't comment on any of that....

07:47 AM
Multi Audio - Split Screen Audio Plugin [Beta]

Received good feedback from MMax.

I use DotNet style property naming for all the code in the plugin, meaning the first letters of all names are capitalized. This makes converting existing code a...

03:23 AM
UnityCollider - A flexible, general purpose audio engine

Hi Tazman,

That looks fantastic. I was wonder whether anyone was working on C#-based synthesis frameworks, and so it appears there is. I'll certainly want to try it out. Is it a separately sold...

04:16 PM
Multi Audio - Split Screen Audio Plugin [Beta]

Ok, the first Beta version is released! :D

If you applied as a beta tester you should now find a PM sitting in your forum inbox containing all the details.

Or if you would like to apply for the...

06:49 AM
Multi Audio - Split Screen Audio Plugin [Beta]

@wkaj: As in: if Unity would natively support multiple listeners and per-listener effects, how should it sound?

(Warning: big post coming up)

Tools for Managing Multi-Listener Mixing


06:46 AM
Volo Airsport - Wingsuit & Skydiving Simulator

All the joints used in the ragdoll are customizable joints, since the character joints didn't give enough control. A custom script adds additional properties to each joint to simulate some...

05:41 AM
Modding and the Asset Store - Licensing

I'll certainly be contacting the creators of the individual assets in question to see what they think. They might have different licenses when selling assets outside of the Asset Store. But for...

06:20 AM
[RELEASE] Nuaj', the 3D clouds simulator

No problems in Unity 4 apart from DX11 mode? Sounds great, I'd better purchase this then. :)

04:19 AM
Modding and the Asset Store - Licensing

I want all my Unity games to be modifiable by players. New levels, new models, new animations, new scripts, you name it. Setting aside the technical challenges involved, I was wondering how this...

04:12 AM
Multi Audio - Split Screen Audio Plugin [Beta]

I created a small Webplayer Demonstration so you can hear the MultiAudio plugin working in real time.

The only thing holding up the beta release is an incompatibility issue with Prefabs, which...

02:59 AM
SUIMONO - Customizeable Water System [RELEASED]

Thanks for the quick response, that sounds excellent!

Very well, I'll be purchasing this week. Looking forward to having some proper water surrounding the BASE jumping locations. :)

03:54 PM
SUIMONO - Customizeable Water System [RELEASED]

Suimono looks really good, nice work! I'd like to purchase it, but there is one thing I want to make sure first.

I'm building a skydiving game and am dealing with rather large draw distances...

08:16 AM
[RELEASE] Nuaj', the 3D clouds simulator

Just putting in another request for the Unity 4 version. This seems like a great package, and I'd love to use it for my skydiving game. :)

07:58 AM
TerrainComposer to create AAA realistic terrains [beta version released]

Looks great! I might have to get this.

@eagle555: Is ChadH part of your company or is he just really excited? It's... convenient. ;)

06:54 AM
Multi Audio - Split Screen Audio Plugin [Beta]

@wkaj: That's good to hear! Is that something to expect for a 4.5 release, or is it too early to say?

@Oliver: Message received, will respond in a bit.

@POLYGAMe: Can you send me a private...

04:00 AM
Multi Audio - Split Screen Audio Plugin [Beta]

Thanks! I just hope I can reach all of the folks who tried to do split screen games with Unity before and ran into this issue. :)

07:05 AM
Multiple AudioListeners

Sorry for digging up an old thread, but I want people googling for this issue to find this post.

I'm developing a Multi Audio Listener plugin based on Unity's default audio components. The...

06:35 AM
Volo Airsport - Wingsuit & Skydiving Simulator

Thanks guys! If you want to help test the plugin give me a shout.

02:24 AM
Volo Airsport - Wingsuit & Skydiving Simulator

@Meltdown: Thanks for playing!

@dINGLE: Thanks! I'm working on an aerodynamics toolkit for the Unity Asset Store, yeah. :)

New stuff: Split Screen Audio Plugin for Unity

As you might know...

09:26 AM
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