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Jan 25, 2016
Aug 5, 2010
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Jan 25, 2016
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    Chief Technology Officer
    Justin has 35 years in the business of video games software, developing and delivering titles on 26 game platforms. He has worked on such franchises as Civilization, Pitfall, Hotwheels, Tyco, Star Wars, Shrek and Battletanx and with Disney, Lucasarts, Activision, Mattel and SONY as clients. Justin also has experience in consumer facing commercial software, eCommerce websites and other types of digital and physical goods.

    • Serial CTO and entrepreneur
    • Huge amount of start-up experience (12 start-ups, 6 co-founded)
    • Motivated, entrepreneurially-minded, self-starter
    • Hands-on experience with Unity 3D, HTML5 + other cross-platform frameworks
    • 35 years of mobile, web, game product development
    • Strong hands-on software development background
    • 100+ digital products shipped
    • Cross functional team leadership for multiple agile projects
    • Public speaker at USC, UCLA, Westwood, AI, Lutheran University, University of Wales, University of Glamorgan, E4All, Hollywood and Games, IEEE ISM, IEEE GS, Video Game Legends, etc.
    • Extensive and verifiable contributions to dozens of multi-million dollar projects
    • Multiple awards by the games industry and the state of California
    • Created $800+ Million in revenue for companies and clients
    • Published writer for print and web covering start-ups, business development, software development and game development
    • Programme advisory committee member for Art Institute, Westwood College, etc

    ► Software Development: http://www.otakunozoku.com
    ► Open Source: http://code.otakunozoku.com
    ► Personal Development: http://www.justinlloyd.org

    “You’re a rare innovator that doesn’t believe in boundaries.”
    – Glen Durrant, Project Manager, Internet Brands

    “Justin is the best game developer I’ve ever worked with.”
    – Phil Cuenco, Lead Creative, Apple

    “You blow me away with your grasp of technology and the business uses it can be put to.”
    – John Bates, Marketing Evangelist, Electromedia Productions

    Want to connect? Use justin@justinlloyd.org

    Technical: C++, C#, Python, PHP, Ruby. iOS. Android. Mobile, console, web, MMO, casual, AAA and multi-player games. Embedded systems. Almost any computer language you care to mention. Server architecture. Usable user interfaces. High-end, content-rich, community driven, social websites. 3D Graphics. Artificial Intelligence. Physics. Game Play.

    Business: Product vision. Project and team leadership. Contract negotiation. Business development. Marketing.


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